Good Wood recently completed a project for Pinterest's headquarters in San Francisco, a company known for its focus on innovating creativity. The project involved building a custom-made pegboard wall in the mail room, a space that is often overlooked, but essential for the smooth running of any office. Good Wood's innovative solution not only solved the problem of cluttered mail supplies, but also added a unique touch to the space.

The pegboard wall was designed to store and organize envelopes, tape, ribbons, craft paper, and packing supplies, all in one easily accessible place. This not only improved the functionality of the mail room, but also made it easier for employees to locate and retrieve supplies. Good Wood's attention to detail was evident in the various accessories that were incorporated into the pegboard wall design, such as hooks, containers, and shelves, which made storage even more efficient.

This project showcases Good Wood's commitment to providing practical and unique solutions for our clients' needs. By taking the time to understand Pinterest's specific requirements, Good Wood was able to deliver a solution that not only met their needs, but exceeded their expectations. Good Wood's ability to think outside the box and create custom solutions is what sets them apart from other woodworking companies.