Good Wood is a custom millwork and furniture company that is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. All of our projects are built out of a small barn on a 220 acre farm in Castro Valley, CA - ten short minutes from the BART.

We specialize in custom millwork, furniture, along with finish carpentry for local businesses, commercial and residential application. With our team's forward thinking, design acumen, and problem solving skills, we have the capacity to serve our immediate locale and beyond. Daily we strive to become stronger at our craft and in doing so, we grow in capability and knowledge to take on all projects with attention to detail and humility.

Good Wood is a multidisciplinary crew of five who take on the practices of millwork carpentry, industrial design, photography, editorial writing around the aspect of business development.

Our founder Eric Stevens has led an unconventional path to opening the doors at Good Wood. His general education is that of an industrial designer who focused on product development out of Auburn University's Ulm founded School of Industrial Design. In Chicago he quickly found himself working for high end residential furniture brands out of the Holly Hunt showrooms in the Merchandise Mart contributing to projects landing in some of the most eclectic places in the world. It was in Chicago that he opened two small studios, one a small studio called Beta Objects which he sold in 2012 triggering the move west.

Living in San Francisco, Oakland and now Castro Valley he experienced both sides of working in Tech as a software product designer and living in the endless grind of the Bay Area. It was in 2018 after returning to the office from the birth of his second son, that a culmination of events challenged him to once again step out into risk.

Now you will find him a part of a small crew out of a small barn, crafting works across the Bay Area for some of the most creative companies in the world.

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