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GOOD WOOD is a small shop that focuses on high craft, sustainable processes and work within constraints to develop systems for living.

The Shop

Our shop located in the middle of a few hundred acres of agricultural land in service to the San Francisco Bay Area. All of our projects are engineered and fabricated out of an expanding barn in Castro Valley, CA - about ten minutes from the BART.

Our Craft

We specialize in cabinetry, furniture, and custom work to build one-off or batch manufacture of pieces. With custom finish carpentry for local businesses, commercial and residential application - we have the capacity to serve our immediate locale and beyond.

Daily we strive to become stronger at our craft and in doing so, we grow in capability and knowledge to take on all projects with attention to detail and humility.

We have a stand out team.

Good Wood is a multidisciplinary crew of five master fabricators, designers and makers.

Our team's forward thinking skills and ability to problem solve complex solutions has given us the capacity to excel in our industry.

As we strive to become stronger at our craft, we cultivate strong working relationships collaborating as a team amplifying each others skillsets.

We work with Architects & Designers to output their vision. Built to specification, by hand-work and automation.


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