Good Wood has recently completed a successful renovation project for Kendra and Seth Smoot. The redesign focused on creating a functional and modern kitchen with impressive results. One of the key features of the new design is the clever use of existing structures to create cabinets and cubbies along a central wall, which has allowed for ample storage space and easy access to frequently used items such as dishes and cooking utensils.

Additionally, the new kitchen boasts a panelized refrigerator that blends seamlessly into the sleek, modern aesthetic. Another remarkable feature is the appliance garage, which provides a dedicated space for the coffee maker and pantry items. This has not only kept the kitchen organized and clutter-free, but also ensures that these items are easily accessible when needed.

Overall, the new kitchen design is a stunning transformation that maximizes functionality while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic, a testament to Good Wood's expertise in delivering impressive results. Please take a moment to view the photos above and see for yourself what a remarkable transformation has been achieved!